Go on a whale safari with Ilulissat Tours

Go on a whale safari with Ilulissat Tours and see the animals up close. It can definitely be recommended.

Greenland is proud to have only free and wild animals in its waters, the Greenlandic whales can swim freely where krill and fish lead them. That said, some species favor certain fjords and make many places along Greenland’s coasts reliable ports for whale watching.

Disco Bay is famous as a sea of ice, and in summer the whales can exceed the number of icebergs. These intelligent animals swim in the silhouette of icebergs, making the perfect image because humpback whales and herring whales go all the way up to these northern waters. Even the bowhead whale spends its entire winter in Disko Bay.

You can read more about the Greenlandic marine mammals here at the Greenland Institute of Nature.

Whale safari
DKK10504 hours
  • Children (2-11 år) 475,-

  • Min. 5 adults

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