Visit settlements

Boat trip to Ilimanaq or Oqaatsut

Ilulissattours offers visits to settlements to either Ilimanaq or Oqaatsut. Join us for an experience and see how a Greenlandic village, with culture and traditions, embraces the scenic surroundings.

Ilimanaq (Claushavn)
Ilimanaq, Danish name: Claushavn is a Greenlandic settlement approx. 15 km south of Ilulissat in Qaasuitsup Municipality, and in 2010 counted 84 inhabitants.

Oqaasut (Rodebay)
Oqaatsut, Dutch name: Rodebay “Rødebugt” is a small Greenlandic settlement with 46 inhabitants (2010) and approx. 200 sled dogs 18 km north of Ilulissat. Oqaatsut belongs to Qaasuitsup Municipality. The village is located on a peninsula with a view of Disko Bay’s icebergs.

DKK8503 hours
  • Children (2-11 year) 350,-

  • Min. 4 adults

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